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Small Business WordPress Website Design

As a WordPress web design agency based, we likely encounter a diverse range of clients with unique needs and preferences. One of our recent clients was looking for WordPress website design services for their small business to establish a strong online presence and increase their visibility in the digital space.

The Client

A modest, family-run business operating in a busy Denver area was Tulip Salon. They have been in operation for a while, but their website was old, challenging to use, and didn’t accurately represent their brand. They realized that they needed a website to promote their offerings, costs, and stylist team and draw in new clients.

The Project Scope

The project’s primary goal was to create a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website that complemented the client’s branding and corporate objectives. This was accomplished through a thorough exploration phase that our team carried out, which included a meeting with the customer to learn about their preferences, target market, and intended results. In order to gather knowledge and inspiration, we also looked into the trends and best practises in the hair salon sector.

Based on the research, we suggested a WordPress website design option for small businesses that would allow them to build a flexible, scalable website with a user-friendly content management system. WordPress is a fantastic platform for small businesses because it provides a variety of plugins and themes that are suitable for their requirements, making it simple to integrate features like online booking, contact forms, and customer reviews.

The Design Process

After deciding on the project’s scope and platform, our team entered the design stage. A wireframe of the website’s structure and layout, including the homepage, services page, price page, team page, and contact page, was first created by us. A high-fidelity mockup was created from the wireframe by incorporating the client’s branding components, including colour scheme, logo, and font style.

The mockup was delivered to the client, who provided feedback and suggestions. The design was improved upon by our team until the client was happy with the result. The finished design had a simple, contemporary layout and top-notch pictures of the salon’s interior, offerings, and stylist staff. The website’s color scheme, typefaces, and images were representative of the client’s brand and appealed to their target audience.

The Development Phase

Our team began the development step as soon as the design was authorized. In a testing environment, we set up a WordPress website, added the required plugins, and altered the theme to adhere to the design guidelines. To guarantee a seamless user experience, our team examined the website’s operation, including the online booking and contact forms.

The Launch

After thorough testing, our team launched the website on the client’s domain. We provided the client with training on how to update and manage the website’s content using the WordPress dashboard. We also integrated analytics tools to monitor the website’s performance, such as traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

The Outcome

The finished website reflected the client’s brand personality and achieved their business objectives. The website’s responsive design ensured that it looked great and performed well on any device, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.  The online booking and contact forms had improved client satisfaction and streamlined the salon’s operations. The client was delighted with the outcome and has received compliments from clients and colleagues in the sector.

In conclusion, our agency’s proficiency in creating small company WordPress websites had allowed us to create an outstanding website for your Tulip Salon. A aesthetically beautiful, user-friendly, and high-performing website that complemented the client’s brand personality and functions as intended thanks to Wildvine Media team’s meticulous discovery, design, development, and launch processes.

Tulip Salon - WordPress Website Design

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